made by Atlas, sold by Sears as Craftsman 101.07403, 101.27430, and 101.27440
These are good scans of a not-so-good Xerox of the Sears literature.

page 1   page 2 - Quick-Change Parts   page 3 - Headstock, Tailstock and Standard Change Parts

page 4 - Carriage Parts   page 5 - Countershaft, Bed and Leadscrew Parts   page 6

Also see
Parts List and Quick-Change Gear Operating Instructions for Craftsman 12-inch Metal Turning Lathe
Model Number 101.27430 (24" Between Centers)
Model Number 101.27440 (36" Between Centers)
This is an 8-pager consisting of a cover page, two pages dealing with operation and lubrication of the gearbox, and the same parts explosions and parts list as above.

Get it as a 1.8 MB .pdf here.
(Thanks to reader Raymond Frenkel for the file.)

The Atlas Press Company bought the Clausing Manufacturing Company in 1950. About 1969, Atlas renamed itself Clausing Industrial. The Clausing Service Center was set up in Goshen, Indiana, in 1974. Although the last of the Atlas lathes was discontinued circa 1981, parts are still handled by the Clausing Service Center, although their Web presence is not as strong as it might be. However, Clausing does maintain an Atlas Old Products page, with old specifications, manufacturing data, and service bulletins. It is presently Under Construction but should eventually be quite useful.

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