Logan 200 Clangers - Things the factory didn't get quite right

The biggie is the legs. Here is how the lathe bed, feet, chip tray, and legs go together -

The feet are relieved so that at each of the four contact regions, the leg clamps tight to the foot, with the chip tray clamped between. This should be a good arrangement. But my scale AutoCAD drawing shows what actually happens (lathe foot in red, leg in blue, chip tray in green, clamp bolt centerline in yellow) -

Things are great at B - couldn't be better. But at A we don't have a solid joint so much as a metal shear (though fortunately not a very good one). The top of the leg is too short, or the hole for the clamp bolt is in the wrong place, or something. All you get is a bent chip tray and a very floppy leg-to-foot connection.

The ideal fix would involve a pair of half-inch steel plates between the top of the legs and the bottom of the chip tray. I didn't happen to have any half-inch plates lying around, so I put a 3/4 inch oak board in there instead. Big improvement, but I'll put steel plates in there someday.

It seems that some sort of diagonal cross-bracing between the legs wouldn't hurt. In fact you'll often find these lathes with horizontal braces between the legs. Those were added by owners to hold shelves, and I wouldn't expect them to be useful stiffeners.

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Updated: December 8, 2004